A large population in developing countries is unbanked and under-banked as these people do not have access to formal banking channels. BankFlex® Everywhere Banking extends the reach of banks instantly to the population anywhere through own branches, shops, agents, post offices etc. without any or minimal change to their core and other existing systems.

BankFlex® Everywhere Banking is available on all mobile devices like primitive mobile phones to smart phones, iPad, laptops, and PCs. BankFlex® Everywhere Banking includes several services, for banks' customers and agents, like KYC, Open Account, Cash Deposit & Withdrawal, Bill Payments, Remittance and Funds Transfers, which can be extended over any channel or device.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® Everywhere Banking Highlights:

24X7 Available: Anywhere Anytime banking

Easy Agent Maintenance: Maintain multiple agents under single platform

Comprehensive Agent Management: Provides management service to setup and manage various types of agents.

Monitor Agent Activities: Provides variety of reports for banks' staff to monitor the channel and agents' activities.

Accessed anywhere: Beneficial for developing countries and rural areas which are still unbanked/ under-banked

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