At BankFlex®, where innovation meets security, we present H2H Banking—a sophisticated, secure channel catering to the stringent demands of your banking corporate customers.

BankFlex® Host-to-Host solution, also referred as H2H Banking, allows corporate customers to perform banking from their ERP or accounting system using SFTP (File exchanged) based interfacing protocol.

The customer can perform transactions of various types, such as transfers, bill payments, payroll and receive statements on their accounts using BankFlex H2H Banking.

BankFlex® H2H Banking is being by medium to large corporate customers of the banks, like large beverages companies, cab aggregators, etc. as they need to frequently perform hundreds and thousands of payments in one go.

Experience the epitome of secure connectivity and streamlined operations with BankFlex® H2H Banking—a solution that transcends transactions, elevating corporate banking to new heights.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® H2H Banking Solution transforms corporate transactions:

Authoritative Security: Highly Secure using Digital Signature and PGP Encryption

Effortless Efficiency: Eliminates all the human error and fast tracks the transaction process. Very flexible and rules driven

Standardised Data Exchange Protocol: Supports number of formats for file exchange such as ISO20022, MT940, XML, CSV, etc. All files’ exchanges are fully audited.

Processing Mode Supports both Hybrid and Full H2H processing mode. Track transaction round-the-clock through Corporate Internet banking system.

Smart Message Mapper: Comes with Smart screen-based Message mapper facility, which allows banks to customise payment file formats as per each customers requirement.

Centralized Configuration: The bank staff using BankFlex MAC can configure various services and features for H2H banking as required by the customer.

Convenient: Highly convenient facility for large corporate customers to manage their payments.

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