BankFlex® Corporate Digital Banking solution is an Advanced, Secured and Adaptive digital banking solutions for corporate and business customer to perform even the most complex banking transactions with ease and in line with their organisational hierarchy. BankFlex® suite of corporate solutions are available over Web, Mobile and Host-to-Host interfaces.

BankFlex® Corporate digital channels on BankFlex® omni-channel platform allows complete cross channel experience, where transactions started from one channel can be complete on another channel.

BankFlex® corporate digital channels reuses the common infrastructure for corporate customers like Access control Authorisation Rules, Customer Limits and fees which are setup by the bank staff using BankFlex® MAC. BankFlex® Corporate Digital Banking presents an array of cutting-edge services, that cater to every facet of your corporate clientele's needs.

Streamline the business operations with our omni channel digital banking solution for your corporate customers:

Corporate Internet Banking

Corporate Internet Banking

BankFlex® Corporate Internet Banking is a comprehensive banking for bank′s corporate customers which include rules, limits and...

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Mobile Banking APPS

Corporate Mobile Banking

The BankFlex® Corporate Mobile App—a digital banking solution catering to the Management executives of banks’ corporate clients...

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H2H Banking

Corporate H2H Banking

At BankFlex®, where innovation meets security, we present H2H Banking—a sophisticated, secure channel catering to the stringent demands...

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EASI Banking

Corporate EASI Banking

BankFlex® redefines corporate banking with EASI Banking—a solution tailored to seamlessly integrate with your corporate customers'...

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PASI Banking

Corporate PASI Banking

BankFlex® PASI Banking allows seamless interfacing for a public accounting system (country’s centralized accounting system) so...

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Corporate mPOS

Welcome to the world of convenient transactions powered by BankFlex® mPOS— (mobile POS) an innovative solution that converts mobile devices...

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Corporate DigiSales Digital Banking

BankFlex® introduces DigiSales—a digital banking solution powered by intelligent conversations. A digital banking with curated offers...

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Smart-Secure Solution

Corporate Smart-Secure Solution

BankFlex® SmartSecure is an intelli-sense security solution which is self-learning, high-performance and non-intrusive. It elevates security...

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Business Finance Manager

Corporate Business Finance Manager

Introducing BankFlex® Business Finance Manager—a powerful addition to corporate banking that brings ease and accessibility. BankFlex...

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Know Your Customer AML

Know Your Corporate Customer & AML

Introducing BankFlex e-KYC—Electronic Know Your Customer—an innovative real-time, paperless process that redefines identity verification...

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Elevate your corporate banking experience with BankFlex®, where innovation meets security, and adaptability meets excellence. Your business's success, enhanced.

BankFlex® Corporate Banking is deployed in leading banks worldwide. The Govt. of Moldova uses BankFlex® Corporate Internet Banking to pay social security and pension payments to more than 100 thousands citizens in a single business transaction at a time.

BankFlex® Corporate Solution at MAIB is being used by UNHCR to upload, authorise and make hundreds of thousands of payments, online in real-time in an easy and secure manner, to war refugees.