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BankFlex® Corporate Internet Banking is a comprehensive banking for bankā€²s corporate customers which include rules, limits and parameter driven authorization. The list of sophisticated banking operations includes Payroll, Trade Finance, Cash Management and many other features with delightful user experience, responsive screens, fully audited and highly secure.

BankFlex® Corporate Banking is supported in all popular browsers and applications. Implemented using latest user interface technologies such as Angular, HTML 5, CSS 3 delivering user-friendly and intuitive customer experience


BankFlex® Corporate Internet Banking transforms the corporate banking landscape with its host of features

Trade Finance module: Covers all required trade instruments like Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit, Trust Receipt and Revolving Short-term loan

Cash Management Services: Enabling Sweeping, Netting, Payment Aggregation, Inward Discounting, Notional Cash Pooling

Multi-level Corporate Authorization: A Sophisticated capability for transaction authorization for corporate authorizers

Bulk Transactions: Capabilities to import and export payments and transactions from customer accounting or ERP system using various industry standard formats

SmartSecure: Dynamic risk detection, enhancing security measures

Delightful user experience: User-centric design, creating an enjoyable interface

Robust Security: Configurable n-factor authentication, ensuring adaptable and highly secured application.

Intelligence driven personalization: Tailoring experiences based on insights

Responsive Design: Dashboard with configurable widget-based components and fFully responsive user interfaces. Accessible from all popular browsers and platforms

Comprehensive auditing: Data Logs with non-repudiation capability

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