BankFlex® Teller challenges the notion that a bank must replace its core banking system for modernization Whilst a core banking system is usually not a problem, some banks conclude they must replace their core banking to modernize their branches.

BankFlex® Teller can interface with any core banking system, allowing banks to modernize their branches over a period saving a hugely costly and disruptive undertaking to replace its core banking and complete banking infrastructure.

As a high-performance branch automation solution, BankFlex® Teller revolutionizes transaction processing for optimal efficiency and throughput. This is a high-performance branch automation solution that delivers fast and secure transaction processing and elevates branch operations to a high level of efficiency and throughput. It offers "non-stop" banking, it is resilient to non-availability of core banking and other interfacing systems.

BankFlex® Teller empowers branch staff with customer-oriented processes, enabling them to handle complex transactions adeptly. BankFlex® Teller’s customer-oriented processes enable the branch staff to handle complex transactions with ease and agility, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

BankFlex® Teller, together with its real-time and intelligent interface with CRM Engines, Conversation Hub, and Intelligence Driven Digi-Sales, is a highly profitable channel for any bank looking to modernize its branches. By embracing BankFlex® Teller, banks can elevate their branches' performance, achieving efficiency, security, and enhanced customer experiences.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® Branch Teller Highlights:

Flexible Branch Structure: BankFlex® Teller supports hierarchical branch topology, offline branch, remote authorization.

Comprehensive Hardware Integration: It provides support for interfaces with all teller hardware like card reader, cheque reader & cash dispensing machines.

Core Banking Compatibility: BankFlex® Teller can interface with any core banking system.

Efficient and secured: Ensures banks to deliver efficient branch operation.

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