BankFlex® Call Centre is a functionally rich, easy to use solution, empowering customer service representatives of banks to offer a unified experience to their customers across all their accounts/relationships and provide comprehensive banking services efficiently, professionally and in a friendly and profitable manner.

BankFlex® Call canter allows integration with any IVR system such as CISCO IVR and supports multi-level authorization. The services include banking enquiries, complaints management, account opening and payments/transfers.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® Call Centre Highlights:

Round-the-Clock Service: 24X7 customer service available

Effortless Deployment: Ready to deploy solution.

Centralized Management: Centrally managed by bank’s customer service representatives of banks

Enhanced Efficiency: Increases bank’s response efficiency and professionalism.

Comprehensive Auditing: All customer sessions and operations carried out by BankFlex® Call Centre are fully audited and logged.

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