To improve the customer journey, BankFlex® Kiosk & Self Service extends the reach of banks by converting existing infrastructure of banks' service centres, branches, and merchant centres into comprehensive customer service points. This allows customers to carry out their routine transactions at a secure Kiosk, bypassing branch teller queues. Less load on teller will lead to fewer tellers resulting into lower costs and improving customer experience.

Considering a wide variety of kiosks and self-service terminals, the inherent capabilities of BankFlex® to easily configure new connectivity and protocol mechanisms, fully configurable omni-channel security, reusability of business functions and host interfaces. This makes it a very cost effective and efficient solution for rendering a comprehensive automated branch teller capability on banks' existing or new Kiosk and Self-Service terminals.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® Kiosk & Self-Service Terminal Solution Highlights:

Convenient and Secured: Enjoy a secure and convenient digital branch experience.

24X7 operation: Access self-service kiosk zone, around the clock

Optimal resource utilization: Eliminate human resources.

Cost efficient: Reduce operational cost, making it a cost-effective solution

Remote Management: Bank staff can manage the kiosk machines remotely.

Comprehensive Auditing: All operations carried out on BankFlex® linked terminals are logged in BankFlex® Audit and can be viewed by Banks' staff using BankFlex® MAC

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