BankFlex® Workplace Banking is a tailored management tool provided to the employees of the bank’s corporate clients. This specially designed banking service caters to valued employees of bank’s corporate clients, offering one-to one services and access to benefits / rewards.

BankFlex® Workplace Banking enables a bank to team up with its corporate client to provide customized banking services to its employees at corporate client's premises. The application is available over various remote devices like smart phones, tablets, desktops, etc.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® Workplace Banking Highlights:

Tailored Solution: Customised solution for client’s valued employees

Easy and Convenient: Simplify account management for employees

Financial Planning: Help to plan and track personal spending.

Benefits and Rewards: Customised perks section, as per bank’s corporate clients’ preferences

Enhanced Corporate Relationship: Enables banks to nurture and manage their corporate relationships by extending corporate banking services.

Reduces administrative burden: Alleviate corporate clients' paperwork and processing responsibilities.

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