In a digitally driven world, most of new generation customers prefers banking operations through mobile apps or internet. Despite the technology advancements, there are still many customers that prefer remote banking services through telephone. Telephone banking is still quite popular mode of channel, preferred by many bank’s customers for their remote banking services.

BankFlex® Telephone Banking bridges the gap, utilizing touch-tone facility of telephones and allows banks' customers to use keypad of phone to obtain information (via IVR) on banks’ products and services, request account balance and statement, and carry out basic transfer and bill payment operations. They can even receive the statement of their account by fax or connect to an operator for further assistance. BankFlex® Telephone Banking supports all popular IVRs including CISCO IVRs.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® Telephone Banking Highlights:

Secure Connectivity: Ensures a Secured mode of communication channel.

Versatile operations: Perform various transactions like balance enquiry, bill payments, scheduling and additional customer services

User friendly Interface: Easily navigated operation, which can be used by many non tech savvy banking clients.

Accessible and convenient: Idea for customers seeking banking assistance, especially in areas without internet connections.

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