BankFlex® PASI Banking allows seamless interfacing for a public accounting system (country’s centralized accounting system) so that the corporate customers of the bank can have automatic reconciliation of their bank accounts and transactions directly from the public accounting system, thus eliminating the need to manually reconciling their statements.

BankFlex® PASI is being used by the banks for providing interfaces to leading public accounting systems.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® PASI Banking transforms monthly payments:

Convenient Solutions: Easy to configurable any number of public accounting systems that can be supported by a bank.

Comprehensive Benefits: Gain access to payment details, account summaries, and transaction specifics.

Automation: Automatic reconciliation without need of any manual intervention

Secured Interface: Highly secure using digital signature security. Supports both web services-based interface as well as SFTP Interface.

Instant Connectivity: Establish an instant connection to customers' accounts, facilitating immediate payment options.

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