A large population in developing countries is unbanked or under-banked as these people do not have access to formal banking channels. BankFlex® Agent Banking, also referred to as Tab Banking, extends the reach of banks instantly to the population anywhere through agents, shops, post offices etc. without any or minimal change to their core and other existing systems.

BankFlex® Agent Banking is available on all mobile devices like primitive mobile phones to smart phones, Tablets, iPad, laptops, and PCs. Agent can assist bank customers to perform several banking services, like KYC, Open Account, Cash Deposit & Withdrawal, Bill Payments, Remittance and Funds Transfers, Cheque Deposit etc. through this comprehensive channel.

BankFlex Agent Banking Channel:

Account Open in no  time

BankFlex® Agent Banking Highlights:

Accessed anywhere: Beneficial for developing countries and rural areas which are still unbanked/ under-banked.

Reduce Expenses: Agent Banking reduces operating cost and infrastructure investment.

Expand Customer Reach: Banks can reach the untouched market through agents, thus increasing their geographical reach and customer base.

Customer Satisfaction Bank customers can perform banking operation conveniently from the comfort of their home through agent, thus improving customer relationship and enhancing customer experience.

Highly Secured: Agents use completely secured channels and payment methods, validated through N-Factor authentication, biometric, PINs etc. for a safe customer transaction.

User Friendly and Multilingual: BankFlex Agent Banking application is extremely user friendly, supports multiple language option and is simple to use for both agent and customers.

Comprehensive Agent Management: Maintain multiple agents and agent networks. Provides management service to setup and manage various types of agents.

Monitor Agent Activities: Provides variety of reports for the bank to monitor the channel and agents' activities.

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