BankFlex® Internet Banking redefines the retail customer's banking experience by providing a seamless platform for conducting transactions on the go. BankFlex® Internet Banking offers range of banking operations tailored for retail customers such as account/card/loan information, transfers, bill payments, loans, open accounts/deposits and many more.

Built using cutting-edge user interface technologies, Internet Banking Application is implemented using latest user interface technologies such as Angular, HTML 5, CSS 3 delivering. Experience the future of banking with BankFlex® Internet Banking—a platform designed to provide efficient, secure, and personalized banking services.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® Internet Banking highlights:

Personal finance management: Empowers users with tools to manage their personal finances.

Intelligence driven personalisation: Provides personalized experiences based on user behaviour and preferences.

Digital conversations: Facilitates sales through intelligent digital conversations.

Smart Secure: Elevates security on detection of risk.

User-friendly Interface: Ensures a smooth and intuitive customer experience.

Highly secure: Implements configurable n-factor authentication.

Configurable Dashboard: Offers dashboard with configurable widgets-based components.

Responsive user interfaces: Provides a seamless experience across popular browsers and platforms.

Comprehensive auditing: Logs and tracks actions with non-repudiation capability

Easy Access: Accessible from all popular browsers and platforms

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