In an era of digital advancement, a personalized Smart Mobile Banking app is essential for banks on the path of 'digital maturity'. The last few years witnessed rapid growth in mobile app , particularly in subgenres like Mobile Banking, Digital Wallets & Payments, and Personal Loans. Driven by consumer demand for self-service and real-time access of financial accounts on their fingertips, mobile banking apps have become indispensable.

BankFlex® Mobile banking application, a cornerstone of digital banking for personal/retail customers, empowers users with daily account management capabilities. Our Mobile application provides a platform for bank’s retail client to access all banking over their mobile phones, anytime anywhere.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® Mobile app offers:

Modern Platform: BankFlex Retail Mobile Apps are pure native iOS and Android apps and are built using modern technologies/framework for faster roll outs and easy to maintain.

User-Friendly UI/UX: Easy to use UI/UX with an intuitive human interface.

Comprehensive Banking Operations: BankFlex® Mobile APPS allow all banking operations including account information, transfers, bill payments, card operations and opening of various types of accounts.

Specialised Features: BankFlex® Personal Mobile APPS incorporate Push Notifications, Digi-Sales, Smart Security, and many other distinctive features.

Enhanced Security: Highly Secured application with biometric security and mobile signatures, apart from all other security features available on Internet Banking channels

Intelligent Recommendations: Offers tailored recommendation on home screen as per purchase / transaction history.

Portfolio Management and Analysis: Seamlessly manage and analyse your accounts.

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