The pivotal moment of interaction between your clients and their end consumers often occurs during the account opening process. Account Opening is the initial touchpoint for a Bank to demonstrate technology prowess of its systems and the quality of electronic banking offered to its customers. Most customers experience their first remote banking interaction with the bank when they open their account on-line.

BankFlex® Open Account is a state-of-the-art solution designed to offer banks efficient, highly secure, and automated account opening process. The solution is flexible, integrates with banks' existing infrastructure and provides options to banks to support opening of accounts and tracking of customer interactions across multiple channels such as Internet, APPS, Branch, Call Centre.

BankFlex® Open Account is workflow based and integrates with external consumer credit reference systems. BankFlex® Open Account + eKYC transforms the account opening journey into a seamless, secure, and technologically advanced experience. It goes beyond a mere process—it lays the foundation for positive and enduring banking relationships.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® Open Account + eKYC Key Highlights:

Effortless Convenience: Simplify the account opening experience for end consumers.

Robust Security Measures: Enhance Security channel with an automated customer authentication process.

Flexible Integration: Highly Flexible which integrates with bank’s existing infrastructure efficiently.

Real-time Accessibility: Empower the end customers, to open bank accounts through a fully automated process anytime anywhere.

Comprehensive Product Support: BankFlex® Open Account supports all products including current/operational, savings, deposits, loans, and cards.

Customised Solution: It is fully configurable, it includes rules driven scoring, correspondence, and underwriting.

Enhanced Interaction Tracking: Monitor customer interactions effortlessly, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Empowerment through eKYC: Leverage electronic Know Your Customer for a streamlined account opening process.

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