At BankFlex®, we are dedicated to enhancing banking solutions with features that resonate with your customers. Introducing BankFlex® Personal Finance Manager (PFM), a powerful tool designed to empower bank’s clients on their financial journey. With PFM, you're not just tracking transactions; you're giving your customers the tools to gain a comprehensive understanding of their financial landscape. BankFlex® PFM can thus provide insight into customer's finances across all accounts including those with other banks.

BankFlex® PFM is built with more comprehensive money management tools and a greater ability to personalize features to give you the flexibility to take more control of your financial management goals.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

BankFlex® Personal Finance Manager Banking Features:

Unlock the Potential of Financial Management: Tailored

Personalization: Personalised and in-dept financial management under highly secure umbrella of their Digital banking , thus adding peace of mind.

Heightened Financial Awareness: Help your customers better grasp their financial health.

360-Degree Insight: Visualize finances across all accounts, even with other institutions.

Empowered Financial Control: Enables customers to manage expenses, financial planning, and forecasting incomes.

Holistic Account Aggregation: Import statements of accounts with other banks.

Unified Account View: Provide a clear picture with a single view of all accounts.

Accessibility: Accessible Private Banking Enables bank to provide private banking services for large number of customers.

CRM Integration: Inherent capability to integrate with CRM engines.

Smart Analytics: Complete analysis of account transactions, spends and recommendations through our smart analytical and reporting tool

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