Smart-Secure Solution

Corporate Smart-Secure Solution


BankFlex® SmartSecure is an intelli-sense security solution which is self-learning, high-performance and non-intrusive. It elevates security smoothly on detection of higher risk and descales it to normal when the risk is addressed and reduced.

By adapting to varying risk levels, SmartSecure ensures comprehensive security coverage while minimizing intrusion. BankFlex® provides the ability to use a mix of automated and manual mechanism e.g., intelligent use of additional automated authentication factors combined with routing the verification to back office or call center


BankFlex® SmartSecure Features:

Self-learning Adaptation: High-performance, non-intrusive and self-learning capabilities

Risk Reduction: The risk is swiftly addressed and mitigates risk through the application

Dynamic Security Levels: Adapts the security levels dynamically and intelligently based on risk management

Personalized Configuration: Dynamically configures additional security features for a customer based on his changing risk profile

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