BankFlex® introduces DigiSales—a digital banking solution powered by intelligent conversations. A digital banking with curated offers and features, is what makes your clients stay loyal. BankFlex® includes an intelligent and multilingual conversation hub which automatically establishes digital conversation with customers to cross-sell banks’ products over digital channels.

It is a smart system which intelligently identifies new opportunities based on customer profiles and automatically establishes customer conversations leading to straight-through product sales. Bank’s customers get a personalized solution which is tailored according to their needs.

Welcome to the era of smart conversations and curated digital solutions with BankFlex® DigiSales—where personalized banking experiences create lasting bonds.

This BankFlex Omni Channel Features as follows

Dive into the world of DigiSales:

Smart and intelligent: A solution that adapts and learns.

Curated Personalization: Tailoreded Digital banking solution for unique experience.

Opportunity identification: Identify opportunities based on thorough customer behavioural analysis.

Cross-Sell: Banks’ sales teams can craft conversations for new services relating to their loans, deposits and other products.

Insightful Tracking: Each conversation is fully tracked and provides important insight to sales and marketing teams which can be used to further tune the digital conversation.

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