Personal e-Wallet

Personal e-Wallet

BankFlex® e-wallet is electronic cards on your connected mobile device, used to make transactions anywhere and anytime. Functioning similar to physical debit / credit cards, BankFlex® e-wallet is seamlessly linked with bank’s customer bank account to make the payments smoothly.

The customer can instantly open their wallet account and can top-up their account from their bank account or credit card and can also top these over the counter or using Cash-in machines. BankFlex® e-wallet apps can be used to pay bills, transfer money, store funds and track transactions. E-wallet van be linked to personal mobile application as a function as well. BankFlex® e-Wallet enhances your payment experience—offering the utmost convenience and security for modern banking transactions.


BankFlex® eWallet Highlights:

Enhanced Privacy: No personal information is exposed.

Secure and Contactless Transactions: Safely make payments without physical contact.

Effortless Transaction: Quick and easy transactions

User-friendly Interface: Intuitive mobile apps for seamless use

Wallet-Free Convenience: No requirement of carrying physical wallets

Transaction History: Easy access to transaction history

Accessible Point-of Sale: Available in even rural areas. Through BankFlex® e-wallet, customers can make the payment using mobile devices and QR codes.

24X7 real-time assistance: Enjoy continuous support for all your needs.

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