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About BankFlex

Rooted in over 27 years digital banking experience, BankFlex® is owned and deployed by industry pioneers Eon Technologies Limited. Headquartered in UK and with a state-of-the-art product and support center in India, Eon Technologies specializes in mission-critical enterprise banking solutions.

BankFlex® has been designed by banking technologists who have invested hundreds of man-years in building a comprehensive, robust, and functionally rich multichannel banking solutions that is highly secure, scalable, and configurable.

Eon Technologies an independent, privately funded company, commenced its business in 1996 and, with our partners, has designed, developed, and deployed thousands of reusable financial components for retail and corporate financial services, including branch operations, self-service electronic channels, lending, payments, and credit card services. These solutions are now being used by leading banks around the world.


Sophisticated Solution

As the world is becoming more digitally advanced, banking customers are demanding an innovative and modern digital banking solutions. Upgrade your banking with BankFlex Digital Banking, a ready-to-deploy premium omni-channel application, to cater to digital transformation needs. BankFlex’s strong digital offering and a user-friendly customer experience are a key part of that service. Your customers will enjoy a personalized, seamless experience at every digital banking touchpoint. As your trusted technology and business partner, BankFlex® will ensure your bank remains ahead of the curve. We are customer-centric, future-bank focused and digital at the core. BankFlex® is the digital banking solution of choice for leading banks worldwide.

With a sophisticated solution and reliable partners, BankFlex® delivers and sustains successful long-term relationships. Our service commitment guarantees an exceptional level of live people support 24/7 including online help and outstanding live maintenance. With a strong reputation for people and product integrity, our solution is safe, reliable, simple, and intuitive to use.

We implement and support BankFlex® directly with the bank′s IT, operational and business teams. Your team can interact in real time directly from your desktop or any mobile device at any time with our product centre and get instant and high-quality support that your digital banking will require. We provide 24X7 support in accordance with the terms of a comprehensive SLA.

Sophisticated Solution
Our Team


Our Team

BankFlex® has been designed by banking technologists who have invested hundreds of professional years in building this cutting-edge multichannel banking solution. Eon Technologies has an excellent team of well-qualified, experienced, and highly motivated software professionals.

We have built our team through rigorous recruitment and training programs combined with innovative human resource policies to encourage professional and personal growth. We also adopt a vibrant work culture that makes Eon Technologies a challenging but rewarding place to work.

Our highly skilled banking specialists with 20+ years of experience, have successfully executed many prestigious banking implementations worldwide. Our well-defined processes, tools and methodologies help us achieve high quality, consistency, and efficiency.

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