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Maib's leadership has been internationally recognized, with two more prestigious awards from Euromoney, reinforcing its position as the frontrunner of Moldovan banking. The Bank is of systemic importance to the country as it serves almost a third of the population. Even through economic challenges within the country, the bank keeps the best interests of their small business customers at heart, providing them with new and improved products as well as intuitive digital solutions.

Read more: https://ir.maib.md/news/best-bank-in-moldova-for-smes-and-corporate-social-responsibility-from-euromoney-for-maib


MAIB has been successfully using BankFlex Digital Banking for more than a decade. MAIB has been using many BankFlex digital channels viz. Corporate Internet Banking, Personal Internet Banking, EASI Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Telephone Banking & Self-Service Kiosks, on BankFlex omni-channel platform. BankFlex, backed with more than 20 years of experience, quickly transforms a bank's digital offerings to state-of-the-art. We have a track record of making our customer banks the best in digital technology in their country and region. With all conceivable channels, extending comprehensive banking functionality serviced through robust omni-channel platform, BankFlex is simply "digital banking at its Best".

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MAIB – Best Bank in Moldova for SMEs and CSR from Euromoney

Year 2024

MAIB – Best Bank in Moldova in 2024