MAIB, has been named "Best SME Bank in Moldova" by Global Finance magazine.

In 2022 MAIB continued to upgrade its offering for the SME segment.

The bank is of systemic importance and serves almost a third of the country's population.

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MAIB has been successfully using BankFlex Digital Banking for more than a decade.

MAIB has been using many BankFlex digital channels viz.

Corporate Internet Banking, Personal Internet Banking, EASI Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Telephone Banking & Self-Service Kiosks, on BankFlex omni-channel platform.

Recent analysis shows that over the next five years, more than two-thirds of banking customers in the world are likely to be “self-directed” and highly adapted to the online world.

Estimation says that digital transformation will put upward of 30 percent of the revenues of a typical bank in play, particularly in high-turnover products such as personal loans and payments. BankFlex omni channel digital banking covers all the important aspects which include self-direction, revenue, cost reduction, self-servicing capabilities and automation of services which enhances customer experience.

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MAIB BANK – Best SME Bank in Moldova

Year 2022

MAIB BANK – Best SME Bank in Moldova